Lake Ontario Fruit, Inc.

ApplesFormed in 1982 as a partnership of eleven local apple growing families, Lake Ridge Fruit Company, LLC and its subsidiary, Lake Ontario Fruit, Inc. has grown into one of the largest apple packing and storage operations in the Northeast. Current ownership partners consisting of growers, management and sales keeps our company vertically integrated and flexible to meet the changing needs of today’s customers. Focusing on the latest growing techniques and varietal trends has allowed our grower base to stay at the forefront of the apple industry. This, along with maintaining a modern packing and storage operation, has Lake Ontario Fruit, Inc. poised to enter the future at the leading edge of the New York apple industry.

With a grower base spread out along the southern shores of Lake Ontario, our apples are grown in one of the most fertile and productive growing regions in the world. It is our warm days and cool nights, tempered by Lake Ontario’s moderating effects, which allow this area to produce many popular varieties of the best tasting apples in the marketplace.

Through our strong sales program with New York Apple Sales, Inc., and support of industry associations such as the New York Apple Association, we are able to share the rewards of our areas fruit with customers worldwide. We can do this because we take pride in our company, our farms, and our apples.

Progressive owners, strong sales programs and leading packing and storage facilities are just some of the reasons that Lake Ontario Fruit, Inc. is excited about the next 25 years and beyond. “Great People, Great Apples, Great Future.” This is what we believe.

To learn more about our company, please contact Scott Henning, Chief Operating Officer.

To learn more about employment opportunities, please contact Melinda Edwards, Human Resources Manager.